Gabriele Niems
Project Liaison Manager

Gabriele has substantial background in sales and business development across the maritime and luxury leisure industry.

Originally from Germany, she lived in Paris and Greece where she gained valuable experience with luxury yachts and cruise ships.  Gabriele relocated to Monaco in the 1990’s and established herself in the shipping sector, dealing with high net worth individuals and complex shipping companies worldwide. In 2011, she moved her extensive experience from the commercial shipping industry into the cruise and luxury leisure industry, which is such a great fit for her.

Gabriele’s once-in-a-lifetime experience was watching wildlife during a sunset in Botswana – an experience she highly recommends.

Gabriele joined Moravia Yachting in August 2019 to concentrate on yacht and superyacht charter worldwide. Gabriele’s huge passion is travelling and one of her last winter trips was cycling from Vietnam through Cambodia to Thailand.  She loves experiencing different cultures and learning local cuisines around the globe, which she then recreates in her own kitchen to share with family and friends.  She also enjoys hiking, sailing and regattas, especially onboard the beautiful classic yacht “Tuiga”.