Buying a Yacht

Moravia clients are experienced commercial players. They demand precision alongside business acumen. A luxury yacht may be a unique and highly complex asset, but like any it’s governed by popularity, singularity and market forces. Our company exists to help owners acquire their perfect vessel at the best possible price.

The prime sector in which Moravia operates is guarded by trust and tact. Our contact book stretches from the world’s leading shipyards to diplomatic channels. This grants our clients access to every available asset, no matter how elusive or unique. With thousands of new and pre-owned yachts on the market, Moravia’s forte is to evaluate and refine selected assets, using our industry intelligence to guide the keenest figure. The transaction roadmap can easily go awry. That’s why a purchase must be treated with due diligence and the dovetailing of ideals between purchaser and broker.

We report purchase recommendations from a financial and technical outlook, while focusing on a client’s ambitions every step of the way. Our negotiation strategy is based upon our deep background knowledge, which frequently results in significant financial savings. Our final task is to inspect, survey and trial each vessel prior to contracts being exchanged.

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