Selling a Yacht

Our skill is to match pedigree clients with high-value assets. We excel at this by understanding that each yacht has its own story and adopt a strategic approach for marketing each yacht we represent. A sales value can only be maximised by sharing the full narrative with direct access to a targeted customer base.

In recent years Moravia Yachting has seamlessly executed a number of maritime transactions. Each negotiation was closed with the prudence and professionalism with which Monaco is synonymous. Several sales were conducted between long-term Moravia associates, such is the trust placed in our advisors.

Our yacht marketing strategies are highly personalised. Instead of blanket publicity for a hundred competing yachts, we create a value proposition for each vessel. This needs to relate to the quality of the yacht, its current condition and value proposition. It’s about diving deeper into the yacht details which traditional brokerage houses can’t or won’t do because they are representing 100’s of yachts and can’t dedicate the time.