Chartering a Yacht

A private yacht is the most discerning and dramatic way to experience any destination. Our forte is to curate our private clients’ sailing fantasies from Arctic adventure to tropical sun. This we accomplish aboard the world’s largest and most luxurious yachts. Anyone can visit a beach bar or dive spot. Only a lucky few can sail to unnamed islands or uncharted reefs.

Expertise is based upon experience. Our location on Port Hercule, the global epicentre of luxury lifestyle, keeps us current with specific client aspirations and the myriad of charter yacht options available to them. Like the Principality itself, our watchwords are privacy and professionalism. We direct once in a lifetime voyages with a supporting cast of dive masters, chefs, spa specialists and guides. Guests are given the starring role.

Moravia takes a highly personalised approach to charter. Each expedition distils an individual’s demands. They could opt for security and serenity, for culture and cuisine, or simply the luxurious celebration of time. Some guests prefer anonymity. Others desire the head-turning allure of the latest superyacht launch. Clients may share their experience if they wish. Our discretion is assured.

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