About Global Series G440

The Global G440 is the flagship of the Global Series and she is a true go-anywhere yacht. She offers an impressive range of 5,000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 10 knots. A robust but much lighter aluminium hull provides a better performance with shallower draft and lower fuel consumption. The avant-garde bow shape with a vertical stem maximises the waterline length, giving an even more enhanced performance.

The patented Hull Vane creates a hydrodynamic lift which significantly reduces hull resistance, enabling usage of smaller engines giving longer range with less fuel usage. The Hull Vane along with the Vector Fins stabilisers dramatically reduce pitching and yawing motions, improving stability underway and at-anchor.

The large windows are fitted with next generation laminated XIR glass which blocks solar heat gain and harmful UV rays, while offering maximum light transmission. It gives the interior wide panoramic views and lowers running costs through significantly reduced air-conditioning loads.

A touch-and-go helipad engineered for a D value of 10 and a take-off weight of 3,000 kg is located on the main aft deck. The yacht features an enormous sundeck and an aft garage with storage space for a pair of 23-foot tenders. A Fun Air inflatable pool connects as an extension to the swimming platform provides a safe swimming area for friends and family.

The G440 sleeps 10 guests in spacious and airy cabins, all equipped with en-suite bathrooms. The impressive interior volume of 499 gross tons gives ample space for a class-leading master suite with two fixed balconies on the main deck and 4 guest suites on the lower deck. Other notable features include a very large wheelhouse salon with panoramic views, an open-plan living and interior dining area fitted with a stunning fireplace, and a beach club with sauna.

Extra options are available for customisation of interior fixtures and accessories to suit the most exacting style requirements for optimum comfort and luxury.

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