About Origami

The 65m ORIGAMI is a mono-hull support yacht that bears the exterior aesthetic of a modern and architecturally advanced luxury superyacht. And with this design concept, ORIGAMI is a superyacht support vessel unlike any other.

By name and by nature, ORIGAMI’s aluminium hull takes inspiration from the Japanese practice of folding paper – a technique that has impacted how designers have perceived, designed, and built architecture since the 17th century. Here, the delicate papers have been replaced by aluminium plates, folded and intersected to create angular, geometric forms that shape and stretch across the superstructure.

ORIGAMI’s 12-metre beam and 3-metre draft will allow her to carry a fuel load for global operation in support of the superyacht mothership. These go-anywhere capabilities are enhanced further by incorporation of a helicopter hangar, concealed within the superstructure, that allows for a helicopter to be stowed without having to fold the blades – providing heighted protection and permitting truly worldwide travel.

Another notable feature of this support yacht’s design is the large tender deck with sufficient space for as many as three large tenders, or a combination of tenders, submersible, and water toys.

Within, ORIGAMI has accommodation for a crew of 22 and offers a spacious crew lounge and gym, providing significantly expanded crew quarters to aid extended cruising, expedition operations, and superior guest service.

The interior layout of ORIGAMI can be adapted to suit client requirements and is intended to offer flexibility. The space can be arranged with larger cabins for the accommodation of additional guests, or the interior could be given over to functional purpose such as housing scientific laboratories or research centres.

ORIGAMI has been priced to build with a European shipyard. Further details are available upon request.



The 65m ORIGAMI has been designed by the Barcelona based studio, Schwalgien Yacht Design, and comes hot on the heels of their award-winning design of the 68m NEBULA support yacht.

The studio has extensive experience in various yacht design fields, including the exterior & interior design of superyachts, explorer yachts, and highly customized superyacht tenders.

Their international portfolio spans over 18 years of yacht design but over the past 5 years, the studio has successfully found their niche in the design of shadow vessels, both mono and duo hulls, where their current expertise is practically unrivalled within the industry.

The studio has won a string of prestigious design awards – including the World Superyacht Award, Boat International Design & Innovation Award, MUSE Design Award (New York) and the German Design Award.

German founder Kirsten Schwalgien is an advocate for best design practices across the globe, and has earned international recognition by consistently combining precision and analytical thinking.

She teaches transportation design at IED Design University/ Barcelona and holds the position of a judge on the panel for WIN Design Awards (London).

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