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Broker Spotlight – Adam Papadakis

In the first instalment of a series of conversations with the Moravia brokerage team, Adam Papadakis, Head of Sales, explains how his wide-ranging industry experience has been formative to his role as a broker.

Having studied naval architecture and marine engineering at university, Adam began his yachting career in London working within the new-build division of a prominent yacht brokerage house, gaining a solid foundation in owner representation, negotiations and the construction of various yacht types and sizes. Working alongside some of the most eminent yacht brokers in the industry, Adam was eventually drawn to the commercial side of the business and soon transitioned to become a sales broker, enabling many clients to benefit from his technical knowhow, commercial aptitude and client-facing skills.

“It’s been a long road to get to where I am today,” Adam reflects. “But working in different sectors within the industry has allowed me to view the entire ownership journey from a client perspective and given me a thorough understanding of the qualities that buyers and sellers need in a yacht broker.”

For Adam, flexibility, knowledge, transparency and trustworthiness are the most important values that a yacht broker should practice and continue to develop, and it is no doubt that this approach is what has led him to garner an impressive network of clients and contacts. Having now been involved in many prolific superyacht transactions, Adam continues to learn and evolve as a broker.

Adam Papadakis joined Moravia Yachting in 2021, bringing with him 20 years’ experience in the superyacht industry. With several iconic new-build commissions and many high-profile superyacht sales behind him, Adam is a well-respected industry professional with an impressive network of clients and contacts.

Looking back on his career to date, there are several deals that particularly stand out, such as the sale of 72-metre RM Elegant – for which he represented both the seller and the buyer – that had to conclude within two weeks from start to finish. Or the sale of the 61-metre Adamas II, during which he came across an unprecedented number of challenges before its successful completion.

Towards the beginning of his career, the sale and build of 133-metre Al Mirqab was a significant stepping stone in his career and he considers the entire learning curve
and all-star team he worked with on that project as fundamental to his later steps as a broker.

Adam does feel, however, that every deal he’s involved with is unique and presents its own challenges. “There is no ‘smaller yacht, less complex’ correlation; in fact, it is often quite the opposite,” he adds. “I have also been involved in a lot of smaller-sized yacht deals that were extremely interesting and rewarding.”

Having joined Moravia Yachting last year, Adam looks back at the decision as an easy one. “There are moments in life when a ‘bulb’ of excitement lights above our head and that’s exactly what happened when the opportunity to join Moravia came up,” he explains. “It’s a dynamic and enthusiastic, but discreet, team with support from Hill Robinson, a huge network of clients and impressive potential for further growth. The opportunity to work with the company’s founders and each one of the Moravia team was an immensely exciting prospect for me and has been a unique experience ever since!”

Having been involved in such a vast array of new build projects and yacht sales over the years, Adam is well- placed to comment on the latest trends in superyacht design and construction. So, what features would he prioritise on a yacht of his own?

“I would prefer a yacht with a classic but sleek design, that would be capable of visiting remote parts of the world because I love water sports, scuba diving and exploring new places,” Adam deliberates. “All the latest technology and good connectivity would be essential for work, but the most important design feature would be a strong connection with the sea – I think the evolution of beach clubs are the most remarkable trend that yacht designers and builders have developed during the last 10-20 years, as they allow owners the opportunity to spend more time in, connect with and respect the marine environment.”