Luisa Alesso
Charter Broker

Luisa was born in Turin, raised in the Italian Riviera and has lived in France since she was eighteen. Luisa studied International Administration at Commercial School and quickly gained experience in several Monegasque companies.

She also created a Graphic Agency in collaboration and has evolved in various communication and graphic agencies as well as in the field of events, enabling to develop her sense of organization towards new artistic directions.

High on Luisa’s wish list to experience a hike across the Moroccan desert.

Having been long attracted to the yachting sector, Luisa has used her past experience of yacht charter worldwide to contribute to the evolution of Moravia Yachting since she joined in 2003, focusing on charter activities. Luisa contributes to both the retail charter and sale department using her knowledge of the yachts which she is constantly visiting at shows. Luisa loves theatre, swimming, riding her bike, painting and the natural environment, she is also a keen hiker and looks forward to discovering the beauty of mountains and the great outdoors