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Winter superyacht charter experiences

A superyacht charter is the perfect way to get away during the colder months or celebrate a special holiday amongst family and friends.

Whether clients are looking for some winter sunshine, a unique experience or to spend quality time with family and friends over the festive season, a winter superyacht charter can cater for every requirement in various forms. With the possibility for fewer crowds, milder weather and off-peak pricing, winter superyacht charters are more popular than ever.

A superyacht charter makes for a very special way to celebrate a holiday, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year. “Guests can enjoy their holiday traditions in paradise,” assures Alastair Callender, who runs the Americas region at Moravia Yachting. “Any requirement can be catered for: a Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings; traditional family favourite foods during the eight days of Hanukkah; or Christmas tree decorating. There’s no better place to spend time with family than on a yacht because it’s the best multi-generational experience.”

The peak weeks over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are always in high demand however, particularly in the Caribbean, and command peak season rates. “It’s important that clients start considering a peak winter charter now if they want to have the choice of the best yachts,” advises Alastair. “If clients can be flexible with their dates, however, there are still deals to be had – many yachts will have a low season rate to fill their season outside of the popular dates.”

“If clients can be flexible with their dates, however, there are still deals to be had – many yachts will have a low season rate to fill their season outside of the popular dates.”

The Caribbean remains the most frequented winter destination for superyacht charters, with St Barths favoured for its buzzing night life. Quieter parts of the Caribbean, such as the British Virgin Islands, Antigua and St Lucia provide other compelling options. Just a short hop away from the Florida coast, The Bahamas is also popular, especially with clients based in the USA.

For those looking for something different in the winter months, Alastair recommends the Seychelles for its remote feel. “There aren’t many yachts that go there regularly, but that’s part of the beauty of it,” he comments. “With enough planning, we can arrange for yachts to be delivered there for a charter.” There are many other off-the-beaten-track destinations to explore, including Norway, Costa Rica, the Galapagos, South Pacific, Southeast Asia, Raja Ampat, Antarctica and Patagonia.

To extend the summer season into the month of December, Saudi Arabia is a destination to watch a the country becomes more welcoming to yachts and its yachting infrastructure expands with a series of luxury coastal developments, including NEOM’s Sindalah island and AMAALA. “With extensive experience organising charter itineraries along Red Sea coastline, Moravia Yachting has booked more charter vacations than any other company and is therefore the go-to authority for yachting in the region,” adds Alastair.

Reliably providing the warm climate and tropical scenery that many clients seek, the Caribbean is the most popular destination for many superyacht charters during the winter months. For those looking for something different, an experienced charter broker can help clients discover new destinations. “A yacht charter delivers a life-changing, hyper-personalised and experiential travel option at a price point that is comparable to a winter ski trip,” concludes Alastair. “Time and time again, my clients cherish priceless memories with multiple generations of the family and friends. Perhaps a yacht charter might be the perfect alternative this winter?”

Please contact Alastair Callender for more information.