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Carbon-Free Superyachting

Carbon offsetting is an immediate and effective way to counterbalance the impact of the greenhouse gas emissions, generated by your yachting activity.

Carbon offset works by conveying a net climate benefit from one entity to another, using carbon credits.  The sources of your emissions are identified, such as fuel and flights, and the greenhouse gas emissions are calculated.  Carbon credits are then purchased to offset the emissions tonne for tonne, and used to make contributions to the development of renewable energy and marine projects.

Yacht captains, charterers and guests can use the company’s innovative pay-as-you-go service, which allows users to identify the emission sources of their activity (such as a flight, use of tender and water toys or generator fuel), then calculate the greenhouse gas emissions in tonnes and the number of carbon credits needed to offset them.  Users can then select a specific project to receive their credits, and make payment via the app.

Moravia Yachting is part of the Hill Robinson Group, and we use Yacht Carbon Offset to balance the company’s emissions, as well as encouraging our clients to do so.

If you’d like to know more about using carbon offset and how this can form part of charter plans, please contact us.